Toddler Program 2 (Ages 2-3)

Montessori School of Aurora offers a full day toddler program, designed especially for children 24-36 months of age. The toddler classroom offers young children a unique year of self-development in a tender atmosphere. It is at this young age that the child is working in his self-formation, investigating all aspects of their environment. The child likes to use their maximum effort, his goal is to exercise his hands and master his body. Montessori once said “Movement is the secret for the holding attention of the child,” making sure that the environment was fit for movement. As children begin to control their actions to reach a goal made by themselves, they simultaneously begin to build up their will, which directs their own actions-even further cognitive development.

The environment fulfills the social, physical, emotional, and psychological needs of each child while promoting grace and courtesy through the care and respect of themselves, others, and the environment. Within this environment the child has the freedom to explore, move, be successful, make choices, the freedom to take as much time needed to complete a task, participate and observe, and the freedom to be. The toddler room is open with lots of space for movement activities, whole-group activities, and independent work. Everything in the environment is proportional to the child’s height and is designed to be safe and aesthetically pleasing. Toilet training is also an aspect developed as children show interest. The toddler program allows children the experiences needed for a smooth transition into our Preschool and Kindergarten programs. Much like our Pre-Primary class our toddler room is split into four sections based on the different disciplines of learning.

Language is gained through interaction, songs, games, picture puzzles, and storytime. Through language, toddlers are learning how to communicate and problem-solve with one another, expressing feelings and desires.

The Sensorial Area heightens the child’s awareness of details related to color, shapes, sounds, and sizes. This area is based around the five senses as children explore different sounds, textures, smells, taste, and visual cues.

Practical Life provides items that teach the fundamentals of real-life everyday activities. These hands-on exercises include transferring the work of grasping, pinching, scooping, and pouring helping to develop the fine motor muscles applied later in writing. Practical life also supports independence as children gain skills such as dressing themselves, cleaning up after themselves, and choosing materials on their own.

The Math Area provides counting materials that are easily manipulated working with one-to-one correspondence as well as puzzles helping them learn their numerals.

Social/Emotional Needs of the children are met by the adults in the classroom as they model and guide students through their interactions of the environment and their peers. Problem-solving skills are enforced as teachers promote talking out their issues before asking for the teacher’s assistance.

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