Toddler Program 1 (Ages 1-2)

Our one year old toddler program is a community where young children are safe to explore and learn. Within this nurturing environment, a child is allowed to explore with freedom and movement. Through movement, a child pushes him/herself towards self-realization. In repeating the movement, the child cam master the skill, "I can do it".

The basic components of a 12-24 month classroom are order, movement, language, and repetition.

A prepared environment has order so that the child feels a sense of safety. It is in knowing that the environment stays the same that they gain confidence to explore. It is through having order in the environment, routine, and people that a child can gain a sense of trust and feels safe.

Maria Montessori emphasizes throughout her writings that the principle of movement is the essential factor in the growth and development of human beings. Toddlers are constantly moving, that is why it is necessary that the environment meet the child's needs. Daily activities provide for both gross and fine motor control and give children opportunities to move purposefully towards goals.

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