History of Montessori School of Aurora

Montessori School of Aurora, Inc. was founded in May of 1995 by the husband and wife team of Joseph and Lori Contreras. Since then, the Montessori School of Aurora has become a valuable addition to the surrounding communities. It has prospered into a dynamic educational facility catering to children ages 12 months to six years by offering toddler, pre-school, and kindergarten programs.

Joseph and Lori are Colorado natives with two children of their own. Lori has been teaching in the Montessori field since 1987 and is the Director of M.S.A. Joseph has a strong background in many facets of the business and runs the administration. They opened this beautiful new facility in January 2001 nestled in a wonderful community with many amenities. The school offers one full-time toddler class, four full-time pre-school-kindergarten classrooms, and one part-time pre-school class. The school is conveniently located in the Smoky Hill shopping area on Tower and Smoky Hill Road adjacent to the Post Office.


Montessori School of Aurora 18585 East Smoky Hill Road, Aurora, CO 80015 (303) 617-0611